Top 10 reasons to buy 30 Second Smile – 30 Second Smile by Hydrabrush, Inc.
Top 10 reasons to buy 30 Second Smile

Jan 31 , 2018


Rebecca Hegemann

Top 10 reasons to buy 30 Second Smile

1. Clinically proven; fastest-most effective power toothbrush available today. 30 seconds with 30 Second Smile
is equivalent to 2 to 3 minutes with any single-headed toothbrush.

2. Brushes 6 surfaces simultaneously, upper, lower, inside, outside plus both chewing surfaces.
30 seconds X 6 surfaces =180 / 60 = 3 minutes equivalent.

3. Delivers effective results automatically every time with no effort, skill, or dexterity on the part of the
user, effectively eliminating the element of human error.

4. The ONLY counter-reciprocating toothbrush in the world delivering the proven Bass Brushing Technique
automatically with short/quick brushing strokes that make abrasion impossible.

5. Teeth actually position the 30 Second Smile brush head accurately, providing comfortable and invigorating
gum stimulation, promoting blood flow to all infected areas thus allowing the gum disease reversal process
to begin in a little as 3 weeks. Our promise/moto is “Little Effort, Big Results”

6. Designed to brush the way dentists and hygienist were taught in dental school using the Bass Brushing
Technique which states, “place the brush head at a 45 degree angle with bristles half on gums, half on
teeth, using short quick back and forth strokes”. 30 Second Smile performs the Bass Brushing Technique
automatically thus eliminating the element of human error normally associated with tooth brushing.

7. Two-speed operation with LED indicator lights and a built-in timer that alerts user every 15 seconds;
essentially indicating that it’s time to switch to other side of mouth.

8. Convenient induction charging base that also serves as extra brush head storage. Handle lights up when
placed in charging base. Initial charge takes 12 hours. Powered by Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-Mh) batteries
for safe air travel. Holds charge approximately 20 days when traveling without charging base.

9. 30 Second Smile offers 5 different brush head options to meet custom needs of every user.

10. 30 Second Smile is completely safe for anyone seeking a higher quality of oral hygiene as well as better overall systemic health.

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