30 second toothbrush cures gum disease fresh breath white teeth health – 30 Second Smile by Hydrabrush, Inc.

Watch 30 Second Smile In Action!

    *Takes your mouth to a whole new level of clean.

    *Automatic gum massage, quick gum disease reversal and maintenance.

    *Whiter teeth, fresher breath.

    *Better/less painful dental checkup Guaranteed.

    *Ultra-comfortable; no irritating sonic vibration.

    *Comes with a 60-day happiness guarantee.

A TOOTHBRUSH KIT UNLIKE ANY OTHER. PERIOD. Get the most out of the time spent brushing your teeth, and enjoy an invigorating oral cleansing unlike anything you’ve experienced before with our 30 Second Smile Power Toothbrush.

30 Second Smile is a new and improved rechargeable electric toothbrush that utilizes effective/automatic 45-degree brush head placement for superior plaque removal, gum massage, and above all, gingivitis prevention.

Our 30 Second Smile toothbrushes provide unmatched teeth cleaning beyond the top selling brands. Plus, as the top rated multi-head electric toothbrush, we provide a happiness guarantee as well as a 2-year limited warranty.

30 Second Smile is the only toothbrush specifically designed to improve all aspects of teeth cleaning unlike any other toothbrush on the market. Its unique and highly effective simultaneous 6-point tooth surface contact, allows for a faster and more proficient teeth cleaning in just 30 Seconds!



Whiter teeth, fresher breath, and healthier gums are yours with 30 Second Smile. Brushing comfort and better dental checkups. No other brush used in the same time frame can provide safe, effective results equal to 30 Second Smile.