How It Works

Does 30 Second Smile use Sonic technology?

No, 30 Second Smile is a totally new technology. Toothbrushes have been around for a long time, and unfortunately, so have cavities and gum disease. The primary cause of cavities and gum disease is improper brushing (human error). Numerous studies show that if a person brushes properly and removes the bacterial plaque from the teeth and along the gum lines, they will significantly reduce the potential for cavities or gum disease.

The secret to high quality oral care is not bristles moving at “Sonic Speed”. The solution is to use the proper technique to ensure every surface of every tooth is cleaned and the gums properly massaged.  “Can’t make a mistake” technology by 30 Second Smile automatically ensures proper oral care with its patented micro-brushes with each and every use. You simply “BITE & GUIDE”, and receive the level of oral care you need in ¼ the time required by all other power toothbrushes.

Will 30 Second Smile Fit in my mouth?

Absolutely! 30 Second Smile is surprisingly comfortable. We offer a variety of brush heads to fit your needs. As an example, adults with small mouths can use regular ultra soft or kids brush heads.

How do I maneuver the brush heads on my teeth?

After wetting the bristles, apply toothpaste to both sets of bristles if desired. Before putting the brush into your mouth turn it on by pressing the power button. Press once for speed 1 (low speed) and twice for speed 2 (high speed). Once the power button is pressed the LED light will light up. One light indicates the unit is on speed 1 , 2 lights indicate the unit is on speed 2.

The brush handle has been ergonomically designed for ease of use. There are two comfort grips where you place your index finger and thumb to balance and maneuver the brush heads during use. You do not need to grip the handle tightly as the brush will do all the work. You simply guide the brush along the surface of the teeth. Once the power button is pressed, then bite into moving bristles with your front teeth. You will feel the brush massaging the gums (NOTE: do not bite too hard. Biting too hard might damage your brush.) Allow your teeth to position the brush head bristles, do not force it. All you have to do is “BITE & GUIDE”. Be sure the brush heads do not bump teeth.

Does 30 Second Smile have a timer?

The 30 Second Smile Toothbrush comes with a built-in timer function. When you first start your 30 Second Smile on any speed, the brush will run for 15 seconds then will momentarily change speed to allow you to change to the other side of your mouth. The momentarily speed will occur every 15 seconds. To stop the brush, push the power button or simply place the handle in the charging base after cleaning.

How long do I need to charge the 30 Second Smile?

The first thing you should do after unpacking your 30 Second Smile is plug the charging base into an outlet, and charge the handle for approximately 12 hours. The battery will be completely charged within a 12-hour period.

How do I know the handle is charging?

Seat the toothbrush handle inside the charging base. Once properly placed, the battery charging LED light will illuminate. (A blue light indicates that the unit is charging.) To keep the batteries fully charged at all times, you may keep the unit in the charger when not in use. NOTE: As long as the toothbrush is on its charger base and is plugged into a live outlet, the blue light will remain lit. (NOTE: Bottom of the handle will get slightly warm during charging period, this is normal operation and will not affect use of the unit.)

How long will the handle keeps its charge?

Your 30 Second Smile Toothbrush can hold a charge for up to 2 weeks of use, but it is recommended to place the toothbrush back onto the charging base after each use.

How do I install the brush heads?

Install brush heads back to back, one at a time, with bristles facing outward or away from each other. Align and push brushes onto stainless metal pins until it snaps into place.

Why are the stainless steel pins on the handle uneven?

The tips of the stainless steel pins are rarely aligned. Depending on where the brush head starts/stops, one pin will normally be longer than the other.

How do I remove the brush heads?

Remove brush heads, one at a time, by pushing the release button, located on the each side of the brush heads, lift and pull away from the handle to remove. Repeat with 2nd brush head.

Which brush heads should I start with and at what speed?

For adults: For the first several weeks, use the red ultra soft brush head at speed one. Use speed one by pressing the power button once. After your gums become accustomed to your 30 Second Smile Toothbrush, you can switch to the blue standard brush head and adjust to speed 2 by pressing the power button twice, which is even more effective in plaque removal and gum simulation.

For children under 10, it is recommended to use the red kids brush head at speed 1.

What are the colored dots in my 30 Second Smile Kit?

These dots are used to identify your brush heads from someone else if you are sharing a toothbrush handle. Place the dots on the flat white surface at the bottom of the bristle side of the brush heads.

At what speed does 30 Second Smile Operate?

We found through extensive testing that there is an ideal stroke speed for brushing. The ideal speed is 810 strokes per minute. Why? Because this speed enables the bristle tips to penetrate and clean between teeth, removing harmful particles and bacteria from between the users teeth. This speed also provides a stimulating and comfortable massage of the gums.

Should I still floss?

Yes, continue to floss as a part of your dental hygiene regiment.

Can I use only one head?

No.  It is essential that both heads are used, because the movement of each head reciprocates and balances the movement of the other, making it possible for all six surfaces of the teeth to be cleaned simultaneously while also massaging the gums.  The brush heads attach to the handle via the metal pins.  If both heads are not attached, one of the pins would be exposed and will cause damage to the teeth or gums.


What comes with the 30 Second Smile Kit?

It includes: (1) 30 Second Smile Electric Rechargeable Handle, (1) International Charging Base (120/240v.), with Storage for 2 Sets of Brush Heads, (1) Regular Ultra Soft Brush Head, (1) Extra Reach Standard Soft Brush Heads, (1) Tongue Scraper, (1) Travel Pouch and a User Manual with instruction on “How To Use” 30 Second Smile.

Why is 30 Second Smile different than other toothbrushes?

Proper oral care is dependent upon eliminating human error. 80% of the US adult population suffers from some degree of gum disease! 30 Second Smile operates with new, advanced technology. The multi-micro brushes you see on the 30 Second Smile are designed to remove human error and ensure you receive proper brushing every time. As for the size and design, each one of those micro-brushes is ½ the size of the single headed brush you are forced to maneuver throughout your mouth when brushing the old fashioned way. Yes, the 21st century technology of 30 Second Smile looks different than the old fashioned single-headed brushes. But the real difference can only be appreciated by using 30 Second Smile and experiencing a new level of oral care that is fast and automatic … every time you put it in your mouth.

How can I brush my teeth in 30 seconds?

30 seconds using the 30 Second Smile is equivalent to 3 minutes with any other single-headed brush. That’s 6 micro-brush heads touching 6 tooth surfaces at once. That calculates to 6 micro-brush heads times 30 seconds equals 180 seconds, that’s 3 minutes.

Can I share my 30 Second Smile handle with a family member?

Yes, absolutely. We offer a “Starter Pack” for customers that are sharing a handle. The “Starter Pack” includes the (1) Regular Ultra Soft, (1) Extra each Standard Soft, (1) Tongue Scraper. (This is a duplicate set that is already included with the original kit.)

How do I care for my 30 Second Smile?

While toothbrush handle is on, rinse off brush heads under running water after each use and be sure all toothpaste is removed. Never immerse handle under running water. Shake well and dry off with a towel and place on charging base, with the BLUE LIGHT facing forward. Make sure charging base is clean at all times in order for the toothbrush handle to charge properly. Periodically clean handle with a towel with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Remove brush heads often and clean stainless steel pins with rubbing alcohol to remove toothpaste debris collected in the niches. You can store brush heads in the storage area on the charging base.

What kind of battery is in the 30 Second Smile?

NiMH – Nickel Metal Hydride Rechargeable Battery.

How often do I need to replace the brush heads?

Brush heads should be replaced every 90 days. This is an industry-wide standard because after a few months, bristles start to become splayed and frayed, and consequently become much less effective over time.   Not only are old brush-heads ineffective, they may harbor harmful bacteria. Sick people should change their brush-heads at the beginning of an illness and after they feel better.

Which brush head is right for me?

Red bristles identify the Ultra Soft head…designed for 1st time users, and users with sensitive teeth and/or gums.  These brush heads should be used when you initially start using 30 Second Smile.

Blue bristles identify the Soft heads – delivering less sensitive users a good cleaning while remaining gentle.

The “Extra Reach” Brush Head have an extra row of bristles, enabling users with gum recession (or longer teeth) to still clean the gum line.  Users without recession report superior gum stimulation as a result of the extra row of bristles reaching higher on the gums. These brush heads come in “Ultra Soft” and “Standard Soft”.

Kids 10 years and under should use the brush specifically designed for kids.

30 Second Smile Orthodontic Specific Brush Head has a special bristle configuration to not only clean the teeth and gums like our standard heads, but also clean the hard to reach areas around dental brackets.

Are the bristles soft?

Yes – in fact, our standard soft is softer than typical soft brushes found on other toothbrushes.  We also have an Ultra Soft brush for people with very sensitive gums.

Color in the bristles – what is it made from?

All bristle colors used comply with US Federal Drug Administration Regulation 21 CFR 178.3297 – colorant levels below 1% by weight and no heavy metal based pigments. All plastics and filaments have been tested for extraction and no significant colorant extraction shown. All colors comply with all applicable standards in Europe and to the US Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

I need a handle with 2 brushing modes.

The 30 Second Smile Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush has two brushing speeds: Speed 1 (low -800 reciprocating strokes per minute) and Speed 2 (high -1200 reciprocating strokes per minute).


How will 30 Second Smile benefit my family?

30 Second Smile is ideal for any member of the family – young children (ages 5+), teens, college students, adults and aging adults. Oral care is a vital part of our overall health.  In fact, the US Surgeon General stated in 2003, “If your mouth is not healthy, your body will not be healthy.”  With 30 Second Smile, every member of your family will receive proper oral care daily. Often times, aging adults may have a problem using a traditional toothbrush to properly brush.

30 Second Smile will do the job for them.  And that means whiter teeth, healthier gums, fresher breath, and better overall health for all family members.  It also means a better partnership with your dental professional. And while this can mean great savings in dental bills, the ultimate prize is better health and a family with bright, beautiful, healthy smiles.

Is 30 Second Smile safe for children, and does it require any special brushes?

Not only do we have special brushes specifically designed for kids, but clinical studies have shown 30 Second Smile to be totally safe for anyone seeking a higher quality of oral hygiene. We hear from parents all the time who tell us their kids love using 30 Second Smile. More importantly, parents tell us that they love 30 Second Smile because they no longer have to stand over their children to make sure they are properly brushing their teeth.

They tell us, “If I hear the 30 Second Smile, I know my child is getting proper oral care.”  And that is what we call, “The 30 Second Smile Difference”.  The patented micro-brush heads are ideal for children’s use. They are small enough to easily fit into their mouth, and 30 Second Smile is safe and easy to use.

My gums are sore and/or bleeding! What’s happening?

Believe it or not this is not a bad sign. Prior to using 30 Second Smile, most people do not take the time nor exercise the dexterity to maneuver a single headed power or manual brush in such a way that they clean all surfaces of the teeth and massage the gums. If the teeth are not properly cleaned and the gums are not massaged, the gums can become inflamed or infected.

30 Second Smile is designed to reach the neglected or hard to reach areas of the gums. As a result, the user can experience some bleeding when these inflamed or infected areas are stimulated.

Through continued use of 30 Second Smile, the neglected area(s) of the gums will be restored to health, and bleeding and any discomfort (which is negligible) will cease. To assist you in restoring your gums to a higher level of health, every 30 Second Smile comes with Ultra Soft RED BRISTLES. The Ultra Soft Red Bristles should be used initially while 30 Second Smile restores your gums to health. After that, you can use the Standard Soft Brushes for a more penetrating cleansing of the teeth and gum massage.

Can 30 Second Smile cause gum recession?

No.  Most people have some level of gingivitis which is the early stage of gum disease.  Due to plaque irritation and infection of the gum tissue, swelling and inflammation may be present prior to using 30 Second Smile.  When infected, the gum tissue often feels and appears to be red, spongy, or puffy.  The amazing cleaning qualities of 30 Second Smile will penetrate under the gums and between the teeth much better.  As a result, you may experience bleeding initially for several day up to a week.  After this time, the swelling will likely go down, and thus the gums will become pink, tight, and healthier.  As gum inflammation is reduced, it will reveal more of the tooth which should not be confused with gum recession.  With gum restoration comes better health!

Will 30 Second Smile cause Abrasion?

NOPE!  Automated Optimum Pressure = Zero Abrasion. With 30 Second Smile, it is impossible to exert too much pressure or brush too vigorously because the user is exerting ZERO force. The advanced, wrap-around head configuration provides automated, EQUALIZED gentle pressure on the inner and outer surfaces. The result: no chance of tooth or gum abrasion. The ‘arms’ of the brush head flex, to provide the perfect pressure for both the front (thinner) teeth, as well as the molars. The resilient arms provide a pressure that is not too aggressive to cause abrasion.

Can I use this brush with crowns and bridges?

There are two types of bridges: fixed, and removable.  A fixed partial denture is a “bridge” and is permanently cemented in the mouth to replace missing teeth; a removable partial denture is a “partial” and can be placed in and taken out.

Because it is retained by metal clasps around the teeth, our dental professional associates advice is for users is to remove the bridge before using 30 Second Smile, to prevent dislodging of the partial and to prevent the bristles from getting caught under the retention clasps, and coming out.

Can I travel internationally with my 30 Second Smile?

Absolutely! Our units come with 100-240V international charger. All you need is an adapter that allows our plug to be inserted into the female end and the male end of the adapter matches the configuration of their specific outlet in the country you are in.

How long do people normally brush?

Considering that the average brushing time in the general population is 37 seconds, the 30 Second Smile used for 30 seconds has the potential to achieve improved gingival health with better compliance within the time allotted.


How can you contact us?

Our toll-free number is 800-431-1902. We are located in Southern California and our hours are Monday – Friday 8am-5pm PST. You can also email us at or, live chat on our website from 9am-9pm at We are closed all major holidays.


What is your refund policy?

A 60-day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

Do you have distributors in other countries?

Not at this time but we are working on it.

Do I need to recycle my battery handle?

If you are able to recycle, please do.

Do I need toothpaste?

It’s your preference. Wet brush heads and apply a pea-sized dollop of toothpaste to each side of bristles (top and bottom), right where the angled bristles meet.  The toothpaste applied through the effective brushing action of 30 Second Smile will assist in removing the bacterial plaque and stains.

How can I clean my tongue?

30 Second Smile comes with a tongue cleaner.  Make sure to drag scraper downward on tongue, back to front. Bacteria not removed from tongue, just transfers right back onto your teeth.


Is this technology patented?

We currently have fifteen patents and four pending patent applications. This strong foundation will help us reach global markets.

What is the basis of your toothbrush claims to fix gum problems?

User and dental professional feedback has shown that by using 30SS, the process of gum disease reversal begins in as little as 2 weeks. Continued use has shown gum disease reversal in as little as 2 months.

How can I buy in Canada?

Contact AVIVA Natural Health Solutions at (866) 947-6789 or visit their website at  or call us at 888-813-6631.  All units must be registered at

Are all you handles compatible with all charger from previous models?

No. All of our handles are designed for each specific charging base.

Are all brush heads compatible/interchangeable with all handles from previous models?

Yes. All of our brush heads are interchangeable. You can use them on any 30 Second Smile handle.

How much does the handle weigh?

The handle weights 4.7 ounces

Do you make a charger that will charge two handles at one time?

No. Our charging base is designed for one handle.

Which brush head is the softest?

The softest brush head we offer are the RED Ultra Soft brush heads. These come in a regular, extra reach, or kids size.

I have a small mouth which brush head should I buy?

For a small mouth we recommend the Kids/Adult Extra Small & Extra Soft.

Which brush head is the smallest?

The Kids/Adult Extra Small & Extra Soft Brush Head is the softest and smallest brush head we offer.

Do you have manual brushes?

Yes. We have a Travelbrush that uses one of the two brush heads on the handle.

Can 2 people use the same handle?

Yes. You can purchase one 30SS Electric Toothbrush and add on a “Starter Pack”. The “Starter Pack” comes with the same brush heads that come packaged with the unit and a tongue scraper. When you buy a complete unit, there are pairs of small colored dots to place on brush heads to tell them apart. When you start to use the 30SS handle, just replace the brush heads with your individual pair of colored dots. You can store each other’s brush heads in the brush head compartment on the charging base.

Does it have pressure sensor like oral b?

Yes. When you bite too hard into the brush head while brushing, the unit will turn off.

Can I take my charger abroad, it is dual voltage?

There are some 30 SS units specifically made for the USA while all others have global chargers. Please check the label adhered to bottom of charger. If it reads US 120V-60Hz, this is designated for USA ONLY.

For global use (outside USA) use a 30SS charger labeled 100/240V ONLY. Depending on which country you are traveling to OR live in, you will need to purchase a plug converter.

Does the charger for my 30SS electric toothbrush draw power without the toothbrush handle on it?

No, and when the handle is in the charging stand it is drawing a micro trickle charge.

Do you have travel cases?

Yes. We offer a travel pouch or a hard plastic travel case. You can purchase these on our website at

How do I register my brush outside the US?

You can register your product on our website at


What Is Your Warranty for Manufacturer’s Defects?

Your 30 Second Smile Toothbrush is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original purchase date. Should the product have a defect in materials or workmanship, we will repair or replace without charge to you (shipping and processing fee will apply). This warranty does not apply to replacement products given from the date of purchase. Product replacement does not lead to an extension of the legal warranty period, nor does it lead to a renewal of the original warranty. The warranty period for the replacement products expires at the end of the warranty period for the originally purchased product.

What Is Not Covered Under The Warranty?

The warranty does not cover damaged caused by accident, misuse or any use other than as intended and described in the product manual, or damaged resulting from failure to maintain and clean the product as specified in the product manual. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the 30 Second Smile Toothbrush.

Can I take it in the shower?

30 Second Smile is designed to be water resistant but, NOT waterproof. Using 30 Second Smile in the shower and running water over handle will void the warranty.

Who do I contact for warranty related questions?

Call our office at 800-431-1902 or email

What is your Return Policy?

Our return policy lasts 60 days. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your 30 Second Smile Products and are confident that you’ll love them once you get a chance to use them.
To be eligible for return, Model TSS200 and TSS300 brushes must be returned with their charging base (UV charging base on UV models) within 60 days of original purchase date. Brush heads that were purchased outside of the starter set are returnable only if unused, sealed and in their original packaging.
To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. This can be printed or digital form (email, scan, image, etc.).
1. Please call us at (800) 431-1902 to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number for the return. Returns sent without an RMA# will not be accepted and discarded.
2. **To return your product, upon approval from 30 Second Smile, you should mail your product to:
a. 30 Second Smile, LLC.
701 S Andreasen Dr, Ste C
Escondido, California 92029
b. **return postage is paid at customer’s expense.
3. Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund.
4. If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within 3 business days.
5. Refunds will be equal to your original purchase price, plus applicable taxes if any.
6. Refunds take anywhere from 2-4 business days depending on bank policies to be credited to your checking account (debit cards) or credit card.
7. Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary.
8. If you are shipping an item over $75, you should consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. We can’t guarantee that we will receive your returned item.

How do I obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number?

Please call us at (800) 431-1902 to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number for any return. Returns sent without an RMA# will not be accepted and discarded.

What if I purchased the 30 Second Smile from

If you purchased your 30 Second Smile item from, the following return policy applies:
Items shipped from, including Warehouse Deals, can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment in most cases. Some products have different policies or requirements associated with them.

Can I exchange an item I received?

We only replace items if they are defective or damaged.  If you need to exchange it for the same item due to a defect or damage, call 800-431-1902 or send us an email to


Do You Ship to other countries?

Not at this time.

Do You Offer Expedited Shipping?


How do I track my 30SS order?

After completing your order through, you will receive an email confirmation that your order was placed and received at our warehouse.
Once the package has been shipped, you will receive another email with the tracking information.
You can also request tracking information by email us at

Clinical Trials

Have you conducted any clinicals for 30 Second Smile?

Yes. Our claims are supported by two major clinical studies, one conducted at the Medical College of Georgia, School of Dentistry and the other at the University of Tennessee , Health Science Center. Our most recent 2015 clinical conclusion on the safety of 30 Second Smile was the following:
1. Medical College of Georgia Study: “The 30 Second Smile Oral Health System has proven to be a safe, well accepted and effective device.”


What if my 30 Second Smile won’t operate?

Place the brush on the charging base for at least 12 hours.

What if my brush head falls off?

Push brush head all the way down on the stainless steel pins until you feel or hear a “snap”.

What if I can’t remove my brush heads?

Depress the release button on the sides of the brush heads. Firmly tug up and away on the brush head to completely remove. To avoid this problem, remove brush heads periodically the niches on the stainless steel pins with rubbing alcohol to remove dried toothpaste.

Depress the release button on the sides of the brush heads. Firmly tug up and away on the brush head to completely remove. To avoid this problem, remove brush heads periodically the niches on the stainless steel pins with rubbing alcohol to remove dried toothpaste.

What if I still have more questions...

For any additional questions or concerns please email us at smileteam@30Second

Handle will not hold a charge, is not charging at all, runs out quickly or is running slow.

Check to make sure there is no damage to the cord or plug on the charging base. Clean the charging pin and docking area on the base so that the handle will make full contact when it is charging and the blue charge light is lit. Test to make sure the outlet is live/active by testing it will another product (for example: a hair dryer). After everything is clean and tested, recharge handle overnight before next use.

Is the battery in my 30SS electric toothbrush handle replaceable?

No. The batteries inside the handle are not replaceable. All of our handles are sealed to prevent moisture getting inside the handle. Once the seal is broken, other problem could arise.

I lost my charger or I need a charger for my handle.

You can purchase a replacement charging through our website at

How do I turn off re-charging light?

The blue charge light will remain on when the handle is placed properly in the charging base. It will only turn off when handle is removed from base.

There is mold, residue buildup on my toothbrush.

Clean the area using a Q-Tip and cloth with rubbing alcohol. To prevent this in the future, wipe off your handle with a dry cloth after each use. Do not rinse handle in running water. Handle is not water proof. Clean the charging base weekly.

Why does one brush head stay on and the other stays off?

Clean the metal pin with a Q-tip, paper towel, and some rubbing alcohol. Make sure there is no debri inside the groove near the tip of the pin. This is the area where the “release lever” locks the brush head into place.

My toothbrush has stopped working, I can hear the motor but nothing is happening.

When the motor is running, but the brush heads/metal pins are not moving, this means that the pins have come off track inside of the handle. This is usually the result if the handle has been dropped on a hard service. The 30SS warranty does not cover accidental damage.

My brush heads are splayed and not brushing properly.

When the brush head becomes frayed, it is not making proper contact on the tooth. It is best to replace brush heads every 2 or 3 months, after you are sick/ill, or when the brush heads are splayed.

I can’t find my manuals or instructions.

You can find user manuals/instructions and demo videos on our website or our YouTube channel at
REBECCA: We should add a copy of the manual online as well for this purpose

How can I get my power handle serviced?

We do not do repair work on the 30SS units, that is why we have a warranty on our units. Please reference the troubleshooting area of the user manual or the FAQs for common questions.

My brush heads are stuck.

Press the release button on the side of each brush head while pulling up on the brush head to remove brush heads.

NOTE: If the brush heads are left on the metal pins too long, toothpaste and/or other debris can build up inside the brush head which gums up and hardens the release mechanism and locks the brush heads onto the metal pins. To prevent this in the future, remove the brush heads weekly and clean the metal pins with a Q-tip with a little bit of rubbing alcohol.

Toothbrush will not switch on, or the brush heads doesn’t move even when fully charged.

Brush may not be fully charged. Check to see if the charger is working. Also check the power outlet that is serving the charger to be sure it is working.