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The Leading Kids Electric Toothbrush Specifically Designed For Children and Adults With Small Mouths Are you having trouble with kids not brushing properly? Are 2 minutes with a sonic vibration just too much? 30 Second Smile can help while making it fun in less time. By using the slow speed...

30 Second Smile by Hydrabrush, Inc.

Electric Toothbrush

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The Leading Kids Electric Toothbrush Specifically Designed For Children and Adults With Small Mouths Are you having trouble with kids not brushing properly? Are 2 minutes with a sonic vibration just too much? 30 Second Smile can help while making it fun in less time. By using the slow speed on the power handle in addition to using the Kids Extra Small & Ultra Soft Brush Head, you’ll be amazed at the difference in your child’s oral health in less than 30 days. Our child-specific brush heads were designed for tender young gums and teeth for gentle cleaning and massaging. Kids absolutely LOVE brushing with 30 Second Smile Enjoy our extra small & extra soft brush heads Dual Speed configuration – low speed for kids Bite-Hard automatic power off feature Less nagging trying to get kids to brush their teeth Package Contents: 30 Second Smile Power Handle 30 Second Smile Charger complete with counter top stand and brush head storage and protection 2 Sets of Kids Extra Small and ultra Soft Brush Heads 1 Tongue Cleaner 1 Soft Zip Travel Pouch 60 Day Happiness Guarantee 2 Year Warranty Rated as the #1 Children Electric Toothbrush since 2015. The Softest, Most Versatile and BEST Electric Toothbrush for Kids, Period. Kids absolutely love using 30SS KIDS Electric Toothbrush. No more nagging to get kids to brush thanks to our patented “can’t miss” design that allows for upper and lower teeth cleaning at the same time, effortlessly and in only 30 seconds! Kids Rechargeable toothbrush For Children Ages 7 and up 30SS KIDS promotes whiter teeth and improved brushing by removing stain better than all other Kids Electric toothbrushes. In clinical studies in which 30SS was tested against the two leading electric toothbrushes, 30SS was shown to remove more stain than the other two products. Stain removal is the first step in getting whiter teeth and our kids electric toothbrush does it better than the other brands thanks to its unique design which not only cleans and polishes your teeth in 30 seconds, it provides advanced plaque removal and it’s also the perfect kids electric toothbrush for receding gums! No other brush compares to 30SS in stain removal because of the “can’t-miss” brushing concept built right into the 30SS brush head. Brushing perfection every day ultimately leads to whiter teeth. Children’s Electric Toothbrush With Timer Our KIDS electric toothbrush provides you with unmatched convenience of a 15-second timer that allows children to effortlessly switch sides to brush their teeth properly. With our patented can’t miss design, our electric toothbrush timer goes step further and slows down should the kids bite to hard. Ease Of Use Kids Electric Toothbrush Today’s kid’s electric toothbrushes are packed with useless features that do not really help children improve their brushing technique. Thanks to our patented multiple teeth surface contact, children can now easily brush their upper and lower teeth simultaneously without missing a beat or a spot! Our brush heads will surround children’s entire teeth and promote faster, better, and more efficient teeth cleaning while at the same time, reduce plaque and gum disease. 30SS Custom Extra Small/Ultra Soft Brush Heads are specifically designed for kids powering away plaque and maintaining gum health. Promotes fresher breath, insures better dental checkups and uses the built-in BASS Brushing Technique, by placing the brush heads at an automatic 45-degree angle, utilizing short back and forth brushing strokes while eliminating human error. The unmatched plaque removal is comfortable, highly effective, and fast while delivering brushing perfection in just 30 seconds.

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