“I am a dentist who is a specialist in treating gum disease. This toothbrush is phenomenal. I see a lot of patients who have either the Oral-B or Sonicare toothbrush who have filthy teeth. The problem with those other brushes is twofold. First, they still rely on the user positioning the bristles properly on the teeth. Most people do this well for the upper front teeth, but totally miss the upper back or the inside of the lower teeth. The 30 Second Smile positions itself automatically so that all the tooth surfaces get cleaned uniformly. The second big thing is how fast it cleans the teeth. Because it cleans 6 tooth surfaces at once, it is much faster than any other toothbrush. Most people don’t brush long enough, even with an electric brush. The 30 Second Smile does a very thorough job in less than a minute. To me, this is a real breakthrough product and one that has the potential to make a huge impact on public health.

I started using the brush about 18 months ago and was very impressed with it. I let my wife use it and she gave the stamp of approval, so I started recommending it to patients. Then I got some for my kids. It is no longer a struggle to get my kids to clean their teeth well (yes, dentists have trouble getting their kids to brush just like everyone else).
I recommend it regularly to my patients. When they come back for their cleanings, the visits are almost always much easier for the hygienist and more comfortable for the patient because teeth are much cleaner. Patients comment to me that their teeth feel smooth like glass and they seem whiter. Patients are also horrified when they realize how deficient their oral hygiene has been in the past when they see how clean their teeth can be on a daily basis. Their comments are usually something like “No wonder I have gum disease, I was barely cleaning my teeth before. I see patients with gum disease get much healthier because they are for the first time in their life thoroughly cleaning their teeth. Patients teeth do not seem to stain as quickly when using this brush, so they are whiter between cleanings. This brush is also very good for people who are wearing away their teeth or gums by scrubbing too hard. This brush makes it impossible to brush too hard. It delivers the proper force irrespective of what the user does. I have seen so many people cause needless recession of their gums or damage to their teeth by scrubbing their teeth and thinking they were doing good for themselves. The 30 Second Smile is perfect for scrubbers.

Once you get past that it looks different, you will love the brush. If you have spent any kind of money on whitening or cosmetic procedures, you would be foolish not to protect the investment with this brush. When I ask my patients how they like it, they rave about it. I would recommend the brush for anyone that wants easier cleanings when they go to the dentist, anyone who wants to keep their gums and teeth healthy very easily, simply and predictably and especially anyone with kids. If you can get your kids teeth clean, you will save them a lifetime of trouble and expense. I know this has been a long rambling review, but I feel passionately about the product after using it myself, and seeing how it has benefited my family and my patients.

Everything changed with the 30 Second Smile, with my patients having less stains, brighter teeth, less frequent cleanings, and a fresher mouth…. The design (of the 30 Second Smile) is so ingenious and common sense.”

— Dr. David Scharf “Topgum” (New York)

“I love the new Shine 30 Second Smile unit! I have used all of the models since the product was launched and can say without reservation it is now perfected. It’s easy to hold on to, easy to maneuver, fast and efficient. The rechargeable stand is attractive and ensures a perfect charge for maximum efficiency every time one brushes his/her teeth.”

— Dr. Jerry Tankersley (Mississippi)

It is amazing what happens when you actually clean teeth appropriately… when you actually USE a toothbrush appropriately. And the 30 Second Smile makes it easy to do. And once you get all that bacteria and all that plaque cleaned out of there, the gum tissue just heals right up.

With our patients who have had periodontal disease or gum disease, we’ve seen a reduction in inflammation in the tissues; we’ve seen a resolving in the pocketing depths; it’s been fantastic. The healing that has actually occurred with the 30 Second Smile since I have introduced it into my practice is amazing.

We’re trying to get the tissue as healthy as we possibly can. Obviously if it is not healthy and infected and inflamed, you’re going to continue having the processes going on that destroys more bone; more gum tissue. So, with the 30 Second Smile, we eliminate that source of infection; we remove it from the body. And it helps to promote healthy tissues, healthy gum tissue, healthy bone tissue, and we have really seen some fantastic results with it.”

— Dr. Andrew Hamilton, Jr. (Georgia)

“I practiced dentistry for twenty-six years. During those years I saw many “best since sliced bread” gimmicks which claimed to improve dental health… gimmick being the key word and effectiveness being the lacking ingredient. 30 Second Smile is no gimmick and it does improve dental health.

About eight years ago I was introduced to ’30 Second Smile’ and right away was amazed at its performance in reducing decay and improving gingival health. I also noted its effectiveness at removing plaque and stains. The ’30 Second Smile’ promoted greater total patient compliance because it is easy to use in a short amount of time. One ortho patient in particular showed much needed improvement around posterior pockets and around his first and second molar pockets all of which pre-30 Second Smile had been a hygiene problem. Teenager ortho patients were also aware of better breath. They realized how much more effective the 30 Second Smile was than other automated toothbrushes for removing the bacteria with all those bands around their teeth. One teenage boy said 30 Second Smile gave him the inside track for ‘drop-dead gorgeous girls’. Need I say more!”

— Dr. Michael Person (Mississippi)

“I’m using it, and it’s incredible.  With 30 Second Smile, in 30 seconds you can do what a regular brush does in 2 to 3 minutes, and it does it BETTER.  It has 6 micro heads, so it’s doing 6 times as much as a single-headed brush. Once you get used to it and understand the benefits of it, it’s like you never want to go back to a regular brush again.

30 Second Smile is one of the great tools for minimizing the recurrence of pockets that trap bacteria and cause periodontal disease. It’s really quite incredible.

Why would you brush with a regular brush, that has a single head, when you can get 4 to 6 times the efficiency with the 30 Second Smile?  It just doesn’t make sense to go any other way.”

– Dr. Joseph Nemeth, Periodontist (Michigan)

“As a dental practitioner, educator and researcher, I am often asked by manufacturers to evaluate new dental products. I always enter into these evaluations in a skeptical manner. I first used a prototype of the 30 Second Smile more than 5 years ago. After using it, I was impressed by how clean my mouth felt. I was able to clean places that I had been missing with other brushes. However, after seeing first hand, the remarkable results on my own son who had problems maintaining oral hygiene while wearing orthodontic appliances, I introduced this tooth brushing system to my entire family, and soon integrated 30 Second Smile into my practice.

Over the past five years on recall examinations I find that patients feel the product is easy to use and safe. I have found that 30 Second Smile is great for all patients, but the benefits are most readily seen on adolescent patients (who previously were not spending the time necessary to maintain adequate oral hygiene), and on older patients (who had lost some of the dexterity necessary to properly brush their teeth). I recommend the product to anyone who wants to experience a higher level of oral care.”

— Frank Caughman, D.M.D. (MEd, Associate Dean, Medical College of Georgia, School of Dentistry)

“I have been prescribing the 30 second smile toothbrush to my patients for the last year. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my patients’ oral health. Now, I see much less inflammation around their crown and bridge work, and I have seen patients reduce their pocket depths by 2-3 mm after using this brush. Due to results that I have seen, I recommend this brush to all of my patients.”

— Dr. Ashley Hollowell (Mississippi)

“I wish I had 30 Second Smile when I was in orthodontic practice. Problems related to hygiene compliance would have been a thing of the past. Mothers would have felt no need to nag their children about brushing. What a revolutionary idea! I gave all 12 members of my immediate and extended family a 30 Second Smile as soon as I tried it out myself.”

— Dr. Yong G. Cheong, Retired Orthodontist (Oregon)

“The key to proper tooth brushing is the angulation of the brush heads and the pressure applied to all tooth surfaces to remove the bacterial plaque. In my mind, this is where 30 Second Smile excels as it has the proper angulation of brush heads, six of them, and the proper pressure, taking away the error involved in a regular toothbrush or an electric toothbrush. What I see in my patients who use 30 Second Smile is improvement in the health of their gums by reduction of the inflammation and pocket depths surrounding the teeth. I am seeing whiter teeth and healthier gums. When we see our patients for checkups, many times there is much less work for us to do since there is significant reduction in plaque and stain buildup.

We have a large group of older patients in our office and that segment of our patient population gets larger every year. Many of these patients have difficulty brushing their teeth with a regular toothbrush or a standard electric toothbrush. The great value of 30 second smile to these older patients is the fail proof mechanics that allow them to brush their teeth perfectly every time by simply gliding the brush around their teeth. This is also true of children and young adults who never brush long enough or well enough to complete a proper brushing. In this group of patients, compliance is much better with the 30 Second Smile.

The 30 Second Smile is safe and I have seen no damage to oral tissues or teeth. It will not harm bridge work or crowns. I like it for myself because it really does reduce the time needed to brush your teeth. My mouth feels fresh like I just had my teeth cleaned.

The relief of knowing your gums are healthy, your teeth are clean and your breath is fresh is the reason I use 30 second smile every day. I recommend it to my patients and to any one that wants to keep their teeth for a lifetime.”

— Dr. Roger B. Parkes – Periodontal Associates of Jackson, P.A. (Mississippi)