Oct 29 , 2019


Rebecca Hegemann

To floss or not to floss

Flossing teeth has been widely accepted by dentists and dental hygienists as the best way to clean between teeth. However, there have been a few studies that indicate that flossing may not be as effective as once thought. Resource: https://apnews.com/f7e66079d9ba4b4985…

Dr. Joseph Nemeth looks at the evidence behind the effectiveness of flossing. Really it’s unproven as to how effective flossing is. Flossing is certainly better than doing nothing. It does clean bacteria, plaque and film from between the teeth. However, floss doesn’t necessarily do the best job. Sometimes, if the space between the teeth is very small, dental floss is the only thing small enough to fit in between the teeth.

However, in most cases Dr. Nemeth recommends most of his patients use an interdental brush or an inter proximal brush like the soft pick. They clean between the teeth and also massage the gum tissue. If the spaces between the teeth are very large, you may need a larger interdental brush. If the spaces between the teeth are very small, a smaller pick or inter proximal brush may be more appropriate. It’s very important to clean between the teeth because that’s where gum disease starts!

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