Jan 20 , 2019


Rebecca Hegemann

Review from Dr. Pruett

With 30 Second Smile, as a dentist, what I see that is most innovative is the fact that with any other toothbrush, it’s the patient that is doing all the work. With the 30 Second Smile, its actually the brush doing the work. And of course, the way I look at it is, operator error with a regular tooth brush that’s the big issue. With 30 Second Smile, there is no operator error the brush does it right, does it effectively each and every time.

As a dentist, I provide lots of oral care. I place crowns, fillings, you name it we fix it for patients. I tell a patient, each time I do a restoration on them,  the best it’s ever gonna be is that day. And what they can do for me to help prolong the life of that restoration is gonna be to take good care of it. Now how do you take good care of a restoration, as I’ve begun to tell my patients, “30 Second Smile”.

As a dentist and as a 30 Second Smile user, I’ll tell when you , when this morning when I brushed my teeth. I look in the mirror, put toothpaste on, in out in out and run my tongue over the back of my teeth and it feels just like I had my hygienist

clean them. As a dentist, one of the most difficult things to do is to try to show someone how to brush appropriately. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much time you spend patients just sometimes just can’t get the hang of proper tooth care. Therefore it is so wonderful to have a device like 30 Second Smile that does it automatically.”

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