Donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego

Apr 01 , 2019


Rebecca Hegemann

Donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego

 Great read!   Our 3rd donation was to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego (RMHC).  Mandy gave us a tour of RMHC and explained what they do for families with sick children.  The lengths RMHC goes to to help parents cope with sick children, help take care of the siblings that are well; in order to keep the family together.  As an example, a child was life-flighted in from Hawaii where there wasn’t a hospital that had what that child required to survive.  Some family members come to the RMHC with what they have on their backs in emergency situations.  RMHC provides clothing, housing, 150 meals for breakfast, 150 meals for lunch and 150 meals for dinner, every single day.   These meals are all donated and not just for the residents of the 55 rooms that are housed there, but for all families on their waiting list who have sick kids at different hospitals across San Diego and have nowhere to stay.   They provide meals to these wait-listed families along with shower facilities and rooms to take naps.  Some families are living in their cars to be close to their children.  The pictures I’ve posted show: a beautiful comfortable lobby area, a dining room with fresh donated flowers for each table arranged by volunteers, a massive modern stainless steel kitchen recently built with a $3.2M dollar donation, which includes small individual refrigerators for each family, a school room that teaches K-12 for the well siblings living at RMHC, a workout room, laundry facilities, non-denominational chapel, a beauty salon, and a reading/play room donated by the San Diego Padres.  Kids under 12 are not allowed during flu season to visit a sibling at Rady so RMHC came up with a solution.  A room with windows floor/ceiling faces the Rady Hospital that also has a windowed floor/ceiling room.  That way siblings can see and wave at each other.  They have thought of everything so families in distress don’t have to think of anything.  McDonald’s Corporation is approximately 9% of the donations; all other donations come from major corporations and individuals.  Keep this charity in mind when thinking of a charitable donation or volunteering your time.  Thank you RMHC for all you do

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