Do you or someone you know have bleeding puffy gums, bad breath, or all three?

Jun 22 , 2018


Rebecca Hegemann

Do you or someone you know have bleeding puffy gums, bad breath, or all three?

If so, it’s a sign that you probably have some level of gum disease; from slightly infected to full on periodontal disease.

Your gums need to provide a stable foundation to prevent teeth from loosening or losing your teeth all together.  Home oral care is a way to take care of this big problem. 

Do these 5 steps:

  • brush completely and precisely every single time,
  • 2-3 minutes each time,
  • twice a day,
  • every day,
  • for the rest of your life.

Brushing precisely is difficult with any single-headed toothbrush, and can be complicated if you do not have the skill, mobility, time, or desire, which is why you are having oral problems to begin with.

Brushing precisely consists of 4 steps (called the BASS Brushing Technique taught in all dental schools):

  • ½ the bristles on the gums,
  • ½ the bristles on the teeth,
  • short 6mm brushing stroke,
  • and, moving slowly around the mouth.

This brushing technique allows the bristles tips to massage the gums, wiggle between teeth at the gum line, gently clean each tooth surface, sweep under gum line to remove bacteria and stimulate blood flow.  Now do the exact same thing on the inside.  That’s a tall order!

Your gums are harder than skin and softer than bone which makes it difficult to bring blood to this area. It’s really important to make sure the bristles of your toothbrush reach up onto your gums to massage and stimulate  bring blood flow.  30 Second Smile applies the BASS Brushing Technique every time you brush your teeth, and the best part; it does it all in 30 seconds.  It’s true – 30 seconds.

30 Second Smile double head reciprocating technology provides 8 benefits immediately:

  • it brushes 6 tooth and gum surfaces at once,
  • brushes the top teeth, bottom teeth,
  • inside, outside, and the chewing surface,
  • with perfect 45 degree bristle placement and,
  • 6mm stroke as described above.

It does it all!  30 Second Smile is one of the most natural ways to prevent and reverse gum disease and in many cases, without antibiotics and expensive dental procedures.   Many customers are surprised at the extreme level of clean they feel every time they use 30 Second Smile; a level of clean experienced only after their 6-month teeth cleaning.  Live confidently knowing your breath, teeth and gums are clean and fresh all the time.  Safe, comfortable, easy, effective, and provides noticeable results in as little as 30 days.  Enjoy a 60-day happiness return guarantee if you are not 100% convinced that 30 Second Smile works!    “The natural approach to improved gum health!”

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