Awesome 30 Second Smile Review by Electric Teeth

Feb 01 , 2018


Rebecca Hegemann

Awesome 30 Second Smile Review by Electric Teeth

A fabulous review highlighting everything you’ve ever wanted to know about 30 Second Smile by Electric Teeth located in the U.K., was released last month. One of the partners Jon Love, evaluated 30 Second Smile from top to bottom, every feature; nothing was overlooked. It is a no-nonsense, excellent and easy to read comprehensive review. One comment Jon made in particular was: “from the first clean I could feel the brush cleaning areas of my mouth better than other brushes, most likely because I have not been doing a good job of getting my brush into the right positions. I had not expected to feel quite such an immediate impact, but I did”. We appreciate this review coming from someone who has spent thousands of hours evaluating many electric toothbrushes. 30 Second Smile thanks Jon for his fair and honest review. Visit and enter coupon code: teeth6 at checkout for 20% off ENTIRE order. That’s a savings of over $25.00.

Click here to read review:  30 Second Smile Review

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